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Rules for writing and issuing tickets

Though we are proud of the performance that we managed to achieve on our server - bugs and errors in the game world are likely to come across, especially on fresh realms: you can fall under the ground or platform textures, run away behind a wall under fear effect, ... and these are just the simplest little things ... And then you have to contact the Game Masters or GMs. But unfortunately, not all players know how to write a ticket correctly - an in-game application for considering an issue so that the problem of his personal in-game problem is solved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make up the application is not correct. So in order to make life easier for both players and employees who work for the benefit of the players, all the basic rules and recommendations for the correct preparation of tickets will be set out in this thread..

1. A ticket is an in-game appeal to the Game Master through a special system.
And you should contact the Game Master strictly in circumstances in which only he can help.

A good example, where the complete senselessness of addressing an employee is clearly visible - these are questions from the category "Which class is better: a priest or a rogue?", "Where do I get this helmet", etc. Such questions will be ignored and removed, since all considerations on this matter can be learned from the players or on the forum. The administration does not help in the development of the gaming space, does not help the players to understand this or that game content. And you do not need to insist and annoy the employee, you do not need to take away from him the time that he could usefully spend

2. Tickets should clearly describe the problem you need help with.
Another example of such nonsense: "GM, are you here?", "Admin help me", "We have a problem, urgently!", "GM, write to me in the PM". The administration will not waste time asking you about your problem. Write everything that interests you right away. Complete and clear information will allow the GM to make the right decision and help you quickly.
For example:


- I'm stuck !! 11 What to do help !! 11 - WRONG
- Hello. I fell through the textures in Terrokar Forest, coordinates 33.44.
I've already tried everything, even using the tool on the website, I can't pull myself out - CORRECT

Obviously, the second ticket is much more preferable. After reading the first-type ticket, the Game Master has every right to simply close such a ticket or ask you to create a new request with all the necessary information.

3. Sometimes help comes faster if you post a thread on the forum.
Don't think that if you have a serious problem and need help right now, then someone will help you right now. The Game Master may be busy with other work, helping another player (tickets are sorted out in order of priority), or completely absent from the game. Therefore, when you make a request for help, count on the fact that you may not receive it "right here and now" - the answer to the ticket can come either within a couple of minutes or within a couple of days. In this case, it is better to post a topic on the forum. And do not forget to indicate the time at which you can find you online, it will be useful.

4. All complaints about players who violate the rules of the server, it is better to write directly to the forum.
The fact is that in order for a player to be punished, you will need to prove that this player violated the rules of the server, communication, and the like. Provide a screenshot or video. You can do this through requests in the game, and if the Game Master is online, he will open a ticket with data on the violation just at the moment of this very violation, quickly drop everything and go to catch the villain red-handed - you can see for yourself how many factors should summ up. All this has its flaw. When the one who was punished writes an appeal, we will have to look up the evidence in order to provide him with it, and not the fact that we can find it. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to complain about the player through tickets, for this there are corresponding sections on the forum.

5. No need to write about any loss, theft and rollback of anything.
The administration does not help with such problems. This is due to a lot. Mostly with a lack of time and a lack of evidence. Therefore, just understand that this is a pirate server, such misunderstandings can occur here, accept this fact and play further.

6. Do not forget that the in-game query system is designed only to solve serious questions and problems..
There can be no friendly communication with the Administration, and as for the rest - everything is on the forum. Complaints and grievances about any situations are also better to write on the forum, this is a more convenient platform.

7. Give administration as much relevant information as possible.
Do not assume that the employee remembers your problems and conversations that were yesterday, the day before yesterday, a year ago. We have to communicate a lot with the players and it is physically impossible to remember all the subtleties. If you want to refer to past conversations - summarize their essence.

How to open a ticket?

1. To open a ticket, you need to direct your gaze to the bottom of the monitor, to the functional panel, and press the red question mark "Help":

2. To open a ticket, you need to look at the bottom of the screen, to the functional panel, and press the red question mark "Help":.

2.1. Click on the "Report a bug" button.

2.2 - 2.3. We write your problem and press the Submit button
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