Guild Section Rules

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     To create a theme about your guild, you need to take into account a couple of simple section rules. They are listed below:
1. Swearing in topics is strictly prohibited. Constructive criticism and comments, as well as opinions on guilds, are permitted.
But in no case do not swear at what kind of guild is good / bad.
2. It is forbidden to "lure" in the guild themes, that is, "shit, go to mine!" and other heresy.
3. Forbidden meaningless, so-called "ups" topics, that is, it is forbidden to leave insignificant posts to raise the topic in the list.
4. It is forbidden to post links to your sites / VK groups / tweeters, etc. Except in the first post and only from the author of the topic.
5. Topics that are unanswered for more than 10 days are deleted.
    What should the theme look like:
1. In the name you must indicate the fraction of the guild, for example: "[Horde] <Guild Name>". If you do not specify a fraction, the topic will be deleted.
2. You must indicate the nicknames of the Head and Officers who are able to accept your recruits as gi to contact you.
3. At your discretion, indicate the opening / closing sets, as well as the criteria for recruits.
Like any forum section, the guild section is subject to the general forum rules: Forum Rules

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